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Default This is just crazy

I am about ready to request a paypal refund for the small amount of money I have spent on this game. I know I will get banned for doing so. I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I had any association with this game.

I run a small website with a few hundred members. When my site has any issues I know in about 2 mins.

If you don't care anymore walk away. The game has many issues that have been messed up for years. Just get chat working....

I was happy to be un-banned. I can go back to chatting with Smithy and Ixy via email.

Look BACK at all the chat posts... It's not that hard... Chat is actually simple..
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Thumbs up

Please fix the Chat for this game. It is very frustrating and makes the game very
less appealing. It is in danger of losing every paying player. I can relate to how Stetson feels -- this is a plea to fix the chat otherwise this game will die.
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Greetings Stetson and Ixy,

Thanks for the comments... and I too agree that chat needs a permanent fix. The game dev has begun to monitor chat himself and has brought it back to life several times now before I even had a chance to mention any outage. He is also working on fixing the underlying problem(s) with chat.

Thanks for your patience whilst this is being sorted out.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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