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Default Game Update 6/29/2012

Hello players,

The following updates have been made to the game:

1. We got rid of a deprecated Google Tracking Javascript function that we no longer use. Getting rid of this should speed up clicking around the game some as there is now less code overhead on clicks.

2. We were able to shorten some long code loops that were occuring into only a few calls. This will make clicking around the game faster, such as clicking on buildings in your kingdom. You should notice some speed enhancements especially clicking around in your kingdom as well as other areas around the game.

3. We were able to fix the alliance chat so that it always works for alliances. Previously alliances with longer alliance names were having an issue due to a character limit. Alliance chat rooms are now based on an internal alliance ID so that character limits are no longer an issue.

We have identified a few more things we can do to speed up the game and we will get to those next week.

We are also aware of issues with the battle system and are going to start looking into this more closely as well early next week.

Have a nice weekend!

DAW Team
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Default alliance chat

im glad its fixed . was having to talk to alliance by mail which means constantly refreshing . very happy and glad its fixed and greatfull

regards paul
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