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Default Faqs

This is a section a frequently asked questions that pertain to in the game if u have your own post them with the answers if it ant already up here or if u just got a question and it ant already up here post it and someone should be able to answer it and please try not to use abbreviations so people can try to translate

How do i attack a city?
first you have to click on your manor. then you have to click on manage army (the icon is a shield with to swords going through it) then you click on the unit to put him in the active army side (note when defending all your army will fight both active and inactive) then click on the mini map to go to the world map and find a city to attack once u find one u click on it nd select attack.(note u will get a report every 5 minutes)

How do you take a city?
First you have to make an heir then fight and win with him in your army till he gets a crown then the battle after he gets a crown you can attack a city and take it.(note you can not take a city in the same battle he got a crown and the heir don't fight also he gets his xp from the average kill of your army)

How to send/receive resources?
First you have to get the coordinates (chords for short) from the other person if your trading they will need your chords to. Second you have to find and click on there city. Finally you click on the trade symbol (its an arrow pointing left) and type in the amount your giving them on the resource your giving them. (note both city's need a market to send/receive resources)

How do i get gold?
There are 2 ways to get gold the first is to buy it and the second is to do a free offer.

I accidentally closed the kings quest can i get it back to finish it.
No there isn't any way to get the kings quest back currently.

i just took a city and it don't have enough resources to build the resource buildings what do i do ?
first you have to send an army there from another city then u have send the army from that city to attack another city and pillage if you don't get enough then just send again till u do

i just took a city and my heir disappeared What happened
when you take a city with an heir the heir disappears

i just sent 3 crowned heirs to a city and all of them are gone what happened
when you send 1 or more crowned heirs to a city you will take the city and all the crowned heirs will disappear so it is best to just send one heir

how do i get an heir
you have to build Royal estate and click recruit then click on the heir

how do i build a monument
first u you need to have a fully upgraded fortress Royal estate and cathedral then you have to click on an empty build spot in the big group and click on the square beside the church as you cant see it but it is there

more to come soon

if you have a question u feel needs to be in here send it to me in a pm either in here or in the game
got a msg just go here

un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din

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Default Crown

How many battles or xp does it take for the heir to get his crown?
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100xp and the numbeer of battles depends on the size of the army
got a msg just go here

un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din
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Wink Heir

How do I drag the heir into the army I want to send to battle? I've tried everything and I can't seem to get him to join my army. Thanks for advice
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Question Attacking other players!?!?

Why can't we attack & conquer other players?

The manual seems to say that you can do this, but it doesn't work!

With beta 1 only a few weeks away from it's "sell by date", we need to attack our rival players & alliances, to make the difference between win & lose.

The game soon gets quite boring, without the ability to fight each other!!?
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Default attacking another player

I did manage to attack another player's territory, thereby making them very mad. So don't know why you can't
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Exclamation Report A Bug!

The player unfightable thing might be a glitch, you should report it. Note:All new players in their first 5 days has a protected town. Also, capitals are invincible and you can only attack towns conquered using heirs.
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